Monday, April 10, 2017

March Walks

Summer's here!

I've been documenting some of my walks not just through MapMyWalk but also through short video clips.
For my walking routes, nothing new I'm afraid, except for one short hike up Mt. Yangbew in La Trinidad. I'm planning to do the traverse soon--just looking for a willing hiking buddy. ;)

Here's a list if you'd like to check them out.

Mt. Yangbew: Jump-off to summit
Torres Street (near Mines View) to Wright Park
Wright Park to Mines View
Mines View to Teachers Camp via South Drive
Mines View to Wright Park (with a bit of jogging around the pool)
Torres Street to Ketchup Food Community

I'm thinking of doing another project that involves plenty of commuting (with bits of walking, of course). All for the love of going places--even those close to home. :)

Here's one of my short videos, made during my walk on the last day of March.
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