Why Walk?

Why not? 

There are many benefits to strolling, and they're not limited to the physical. Check out some really cool articles about walking (and the things you learn as you go along):

6 Reasons Taking Walks Might Be Even Better Than Going To The Gym

Why Everyone From Beethoven, Goethe, Dickens, Darwin To Steve Jobs Took Long Walks and Why You Should Too

It's Not Hiking: The Patient Practice of Long Distance Walking

Long Distance Walking Opens a Wide World of Endless Possibilities and Better Health

The Spirit of Sauntering: Thoreau on the Art of Walking and the Perils of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Maira Kalman on Walking as a Creative Device and the Difference Between Thinking and Feeling

The Art of Looking: How Eleven Different Perspectives Illuminate the Multiple Realities of Our Everyday Wonderland

Why I walk

  • To keep fit
  • See things I miss when I'm in a car
  • So I can see a plant up close 
  • So I can hug a tree
  • Explore routes
  • Observe nature
  • Clear my head
  • Feel good :)

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