Friday, September 2, 2016

Walking in Baguio: Veteran Pine to Burnham Park

Burnham Park

The sun's out!

Baguio officially celebrated its 107th charter day yesterday ("officially" because the opening ceremony for the anniversary was held on Aug. 22), and by coincidence (or just sheer luck), the rains stopped sometime in the afternoon. All I could think about was Yes! I can finally walk in the sun again tomorrow!

The dilemma was where to go. There were still so many places I want to walk to, but I remembered there were some things I have to go buy in town. Plus I thought it would be nice to see Burnham Park on a sunny morning, so to town it was.

No umbrella needed! Details of my walk here.
I started tracking my walk at the Veteran Pine again and made my way to Leonard Wood Road via Romulo Drive. I turned right at Gen. Luna then walked toward the Emilio Aguinaldo Monument at the Happy Glen Loop. The museum was still closed (this was at around 8:30), and the general's monument had a group of skateboarders practicing their flips, so I decided to return another time.

Back on the road, I made my up toward the Post Office Loop then along Gov. Pack, where I surfed a bit among travelers getting bus rides and students heading to class at the University of the Cordilleras (UC). Down to Harrison and across the street to Burnham, then after a few more meters came the bicycles and of course, the lake. I went around the lake soaking in more sun and people-watching.

I learned that Milo was also having its Little Olympics in the city. Young athletes came to represent their schools (I think from Regions I-III?) and were lined up along Lake Drive, waiting for the opening parade to start.

I also learned that archery is one of the events. How cool is that?
Calm, collected, and seated. Conserving their energy, perhaps.
These birds were taking a bath in the small puddle. So. Darn. Cute.
I found an empty bench and sat while looking across the lake. It felt nice to just chill and feel the cool breeze.

I got my snack (peanut butter-filled biscuits!) and had a picnic. Little things like that give me immense pleasure--have I said how great it felt to feel the morning sunshine on my face again?

This man doing push-ups looked to be in his seventies!
I can't wait to hit the trails again. Just a little more sun!

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