Saturday, October 1, 2016

Walking in Baguio: C. Apostol Roundabout to Burnham Park

Farthest so far.
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Late post!

It's been three weeks since my last jog/walk, and I didn't have time to post about it. I went home to Manila, then back to Baguio again, then my work schedule changed, then I got sick (must be my body rebelling against the midnight shift). I haven't figured out when I'll resume my walks--mornings really are the best time because it doesn't rain/drizzle much, but then again sometimes all I want to do is sleep after my shift. Afternoons are fine too, I guess--if it doesn't rain. Oh well, we'll see after I get rid of this cold.

That bright and sunny morning, I decided to just go where my feet would take me, with no set route in mind--my only plan was to stay hydrated and have some snacks around, so I brought my hydration pack and some biscuits.

I started my tracker at the little roundabout near Mines View Park. I figured since I was going downhill, might as well pick up my pace. I jog/walked along Outlook-South Drive all the way to Teachers Camp, where I walked around and learned a bit of history.

After Teachers Camp I crossed Leonard Wood and made my way to Brent, then to another street I haven't walked on before: Laubach Road, which gave me this view of the cathedral and the buildings nearby.

Then it was down to Gen. Luna, and I decided to check out the Aguinaldo Museum again to see if it was open. It wasn't. (I checked online and saw the museum days/hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 8am-4pm. I went there on a Tuesday and it was way past 8, so I really have no idea why it was closed. Renovations, perhaps? I'm really stumped.)

By this time it was getting hot, so I decided to head on to Burnham to cool down. I trudged my way up back to Leonard Wood then down again to Session and Mabini, crossed Harrison and looked for a nice spot around the lake where I could refuel.

Overall a nice walk, my longest for this project so far. Can't wait for the next (body, please cooperate)!

When it's rainy season in Baguio and the sun shines one morning, you take the laundry out to dry!

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