Friday, July 29, 2016

Walking in Baguio: Mines View Park to Teachers' Camp and Back Again

A footpath at Wright Park

It sure feels good to be back in Baguio and walk along its roads and parks. There's really something refreshing about this city, especially if you need a break from the skyscrapers, crowded streets, and bumper-to-bumper traffic of Manila.

For this morning's walk, I started at the little rotunda at the other end of F. Torres Street near Mines View Park. Down Moran to Arellano Street and downhill again to J. Felipe via Baltazar Street. This brought me to Romulo Drive.

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Baltazar Street. The brick/brown building is the Philippine Treasures factory.
When I got to Wright Park across the Mansion, I took one of the footpaths that cuts across the grassy area. Wright Park is popular for its horses, and I suppose few know that there's this nice tree-filled park on the hill.

It's a really nice place, but it's disappointing to see pieces of trash here and there. I mean, why couldn't people hold on to their trash for a few more meters and dispose of it once they see a garbage bin? It's such a simple thing!

Anyway, once you emerge from the path, you'll find yourself wanting to join these ladies at their taebo session. Perhaps I will, one of these days.

I took the stairs down to the horseback riding area and saw one of the city's famed St. Bernard dogs waiting for fans to arrive and take a photo with him (her?).

Top three tourist places where you can buy potted plants in the city: the Orchidarium, Mines View Park, and Wright Park.

After Wright Park I continued along Romulo Drive toward Pacdal Circle and to Leonard Wood Road, and went in to Teachers' Camp, my turning point. I jogged whenever I could -- it was a downhill journey, anyway.

The track oval at Teachers Camp. I was able to try it out one summer morning several years ago and remembered how nice it felt then.

At Teachers' Camp Road going up to South Drive, I started to gain some elevation back, so I picked up my pace to make the most of the cardio workout. Yup, it's time to go back uphill! I jog-walked South Drive going to the corner of Ilusorio/Baguio Country Club Road and made my way to Outlook Drive (which seems to be unofficially the "practice driving road" in the city).

Mt. Sto. Tomas + Mt. Cabuyao (with the two radiotransmitters/ "ra-dar" in these here parts) viewed from Outlook Drive. The forested area is Camp John Hay.
I continued going up Outlook Drive. I stopped for a bit at Kiwi's Bread and Pastry Shop, but they didn't have pan de sal yet, so I just went ahead to Mines View Park, where I stopped my tracker and got a bit of rest before heading home.

Weather: bright and sunny. A cap is a must-have.
Note to self: if you're wanting to walk 6K (or more), Laurie, better start early!

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